Noor Mcholy company C.V.  


We are a company  for construction and contracting.

Architectural company which is working in the field of construction and real estate of contracting during ten years ago. It is a leading company in all areas of construction and architecture. We are the first to introduce the art and power in the same building.  Our works are the biggest evidence of our progress and development.  Besides ,  it works with the best materials and the best engineers and , thus, our projects have always had received a huge  audiences.  Noor now is one of the largest companies. If you are willing to apply a special or general project, so, we are the best to do design, implementation, and all the construction works and by the prices that you will not find its competitor, you can contact us to find out the extent of our ability for understanding and the strength of our engineers, our workers and our readings at all previous projects in the Portfolio. In addition, you can call us for any inquires about anything including engineers or elements or prices.

Company Managers : 

1 . Mahmud Mcholy   /  Managing Director     Mobile : 0750 450 1807

2. Irfan Khorsheed Mala                         Mobile : 0750 445 8712    

3. Ameen Abdulla Abdul rahman              Mobile : 0750 445 5911


Company Address:    Iraq\Dohuk

                                Jamia Quarter

                                KRO Street

E-mail : noor _

E-mail :

Work area :Northern of  Iraq